Blog 6: Citation Management Software

My recent learning challenges for LiDA101 have involved research and evaluation of online sources, academic writing including APA referencing and learning about and using citation management tools.  I have been using Zotero, which is handy because it’s free, it has a Google Chrome browser extension that makes it easy to save online sources, it integrates with MS Word, which I use for word processing, and there is even a WordPress plugin—but I haven’t tried because it costs extra money.  Getting set up with Zotero was pretty easy, but I did have to read the instructions as my download didn’t automatically integrate with MS Word.

To test my skills using Zotero, I have been asked to write a paragraph relating to my research question, which includes a verbatim quotation extract from one source, and a paraphrased fact from one source, and an automatically generated reference list. Lastly, I need to add it to this short blog about my experience using Zotero as a PDF.  So far so good, here it is.

One thought on “Blog 6: Citation Management Software

  1. Am always grateful for instructions/documentation when things don’t quite work the first time 🙂 Have had to do it a few times with WordPress when I couldn’t get things to appear as I wanted.


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